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Robin Collier

We are an international non-profit organized to research natural dyes and pigments and educate the public about their history and use.

Contact us at 1-800-665-9786 or by email

Natural dyed organic wool knitting yarns

Puposes and Specific Activities of Natural Dyes International
(Adapted from our Bylaws)

To engage in educational, charitable and scientific activities for the benefit of the general public, including:

(a) Establishing and operating a facility for research, an archive, a library, an exhibition and teaching space, and for other means of public access to all materials collected or created by Natural Dyes International. This facility may include textile, dyeing, audio, video, photographic, printing, computer or other equipment for the purpose of creating, archiving and/or displaying educational, scientific or artistic materials. The facility may include maintenance of networks and computer servers to provide Internet access to materials created or collected by Natural Dyes International.

(b) Conducting conferences, workshops, training, classes, internships, lectures or any other form of educational activity, in any location in the world. These activities may involve people of all ages and include collaboration with other educational organizations from any country.

(c) Engaging in distribution of media created by Natural Dyes International and/or by other creators. This may include international publishing, broadcasting, exhibiting, maintenance of websites and computer networks or engaging in any other form of reproducing or distribution of the finished media works.

(d) Making financial grants to individuals or organizations to carry out any of our non-profit purposes.

(e) Hiring of staff, and recruiting and training volunteers to conduct the activities of the organization. These activities may include solicitation of donations from the public and other fundraising efforts.